Minkeys Tweed: new to our catalogue

From time to time, we are approached by companies who want to work with us – most end up in the proverbial waste bin or are set aside for us to look at again in the future. Then along comes one that excites us, Minkeys Tweed.

Hayley Tansey, founder of Minkeys Tweed, says: “When Minkeys Tweed was first established, our goal was to find a solution for customers looking for well fitting, tailor made dog coats for their greyhounds, sight-hounds and whippets. This is something Minkeys Tweed still specialises in, offering a bespoke service to create beautiful products for these amazing and elegant dogs.

“Over the years, we have evolved and have… created a range of beautiful bespoke tweed dog coats for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Our coats are made from a selection of stunning Yorkshire Tweeds for that perfect country look, but they are also stylish for city life too!

“In recent years, Minkeys Tweed has even gone one step further. We now offer matching wear with a range of absolutely stunning jackets, ponchos and handbags available.”

Take a look at Minkeys Tweed’s range of dog blankets/throws in our shop – we’re sure you will be impressed.

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